About Austen Adjacent

Part of the grounds of the Wilton House near Salisbury, England. The interior of the house hosted many scenes from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie.

Welcome to Austen Adjacent, a book(ish) blog for die-hard Jane Austen enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

I’m Courtni, a lifelong bibliophile and member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. While I typically read across all genres, I have a fondness for Austen and Austen-inspired books.

You may be (like I was) a little overwhelmed by everything this genre has to offer. There’s so many books that pick up where Austen left off, or reimagine her world and characters, or even just loosely base a whole new story on themes popularized by Austen’s works.

To help you sift through potential reads, this site features book reviews and my recommendations of Jane Austen spinoffs. I also highlight artists and bookish creators, those who bring their love of reading– or specifically Austen– into their creations.

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Happy reading!