Death comes to Pemberley book cover

Death Comes to Pemberley, a cozy whodunit

I’m generally a fan of P.D. James’ crime novels (The Murder Room being one of my favorites), so when I heard she wrote a Pride and Prejudice themed mystery, I was intrigued. I appreciated the short prologue. P.D. James doesn’t linger too long over recanting the events of “Pride and Prejudice,” but gives enough context […]

Pursuit of Mary Bennet brings neglected character into the light

When it comes to the Bennet sisters of Pride & Prejudice, middle child Mary is often the one left out, the oddball in the family, overshadowed by her sisters. She prefers the company of her pianoforte to any person and doesn’t share in sisterly relationships at the same level as the Jane/Elizabeth and Kitty/Lydia pairings. […]

Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility

Soon after the death of their mother, Celia and Jane become guardians of their younger sister Margot when their father flees the country to avoid prosecution for financial crimes. Celia, the eldest, is a reserved and responsible accountant while outspoken Jane is a botany student and tea-enthusiast. Combining their skills, they open a teashop and […]

Smart Words and Wicked Wit of Jane Austen

“The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of Jane Austen,” edited by Max Morris, collects the most memorable, quotable words of Jane Austen from both her published works and from letters to her sister Cassandra and others. The quotes are categorized by various themes such as “A Song and Dance,” “Matters of the Heart,” “Keeping Up […]